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“The key thing around Harrogate is the positive attitude people have.” - Jackie P

[AdultChild=8]We want everyone to feel positive about a decision to live at Harrogate, so we’re always eager to answer your questions. Here are some of the most common ones we hear. But call 732-942-5272 or contact us with any question you have. 

Q:What is Harrogate?

Harrogate is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) with 275 independent living apartment homes, nestled among 47 wooded acres in the heart of Ocean County. In addition to independent apartments we offer home health care and skilled nursing-all under one roof!

A distinct difference we provide to all our residents is true Life Care.

Q:What is Life Care and why should it be important to me?

Life Care is a contract that provides all the services and amenities of resort style living, with priority lifetime access to our complete continuum of care.
Life Care is a way to free yourself from the chores and responsibilities of home ownership so you can spend more time enjoying the things you love to do. It's a way to give your family the reassurance they you're enjoying life, surrounded by friends and always close to any care you might need. Life Care alleviates the concern of becoming a burden to your children or aging among strangers. It prevents you from having to make an impulse decision about your future under duress, if/when a health crisis strikes. It protects your assets and reinforces your financial security.

Q:What are the federal benefits for Harrogate Residents?

As a resident, a portion of the fees paid to the community are attributable toward medical expenses. These fees include both the up front one time entrance fee as well as the monthly fee. The IRS has ruled that a percentage of the entrance fee and monthly fee is deductible based on the medical expenses of the community. The final decision to take the deduction should be made by the resident along with his/her tax advisor.

Q:Do I need to have a long term care policy?

Once you move to Harrogate, a long term care insurance policy may no longer be needed. Do not cancel this policy until we have had a conversation about the benefits of these policies and you have physically moved into the community. Sometimes the benefits outweigh the costs. After complete consideration the resident will ultimately determine what to do with his or her policy.

Q:What services are covered by the monthly fee?

There are more than 30 amenities and services inclusive in Harrogate’s monthly fee.  Click here to view a sampling.

Q:What are the application requirements?

The criteria are three simple components: age, financial and health.

Residents at Harrogate can be as young as 62 and each resident will go through a financial and medical screening process. Our Life Care Consultant can review the specifics with you.

Q:Do I buy my home at Harrogate?

No, you sign a Life Care contract with a one time entrance fee which guarantees you a continuum of care. It is not a deeded property but rather a life time lease.

Q:How does the Harrogate Life Care contract work?

With the Harrogate Life Care contract, residents pay an up-front, one-time entrance fee for their selected apartment home. Then, they pay a monthly maintenance fee for ongoing services and amenities, including unlimited use of our Health Care Center.

Monthly fees remain stable and predictable, with minor fluctuations for inflation and operational costs. They do not pay a higher fee when you need a higher level of care.

Compare Life Care security to the alternative: paying the rising cost of long-term care as health care needs increase. Life Care provides them with a fulfilling independent lifestyle, asset preservation for their estate, protection from expensive, pay-as-you-go long term care, and the security of a full array of health care services, if ever needed.

Q:Why is Harrogate's Life Care contract unique?

While other communities offer Life Care contracts; we are a true Life Care community and all of our contract options include unlimited use of our Health Care Center. Because all options include Life Care, there are additional financial benefits at Harrogate that are second to none.

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