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A Harrogatunity Becomes a Dream Come True

A Harrogatunity Becomes a Dream Come True

Sometimes, the dreams we dream in school are the ones that stay with us for the long haul. For Harrogate resident Ruth Feinstein, the dream of becoming a writer might have been realized when she won an essay contest as a teenager. But that dream soon gave way to family life and a lack of opportunities for women.

Things have, of course, changed for women in the 21st century, and they’ve certainly changed for Ruth, too. When she first moved to Harrogate, she learned that another resident had started a community newspaper, The Harrogate Courier. She jumped at the chance to be a part of the staff, first as a proofreader and then as a contributing writer.

“Writing for the Courier has definitely been my Harrogatunity,” says Ruth. “I even had the opportunity to attend a Broadway show and write a story about the experience.”

Ruth says if she had to write a story about herself, the theme would be that it’s never too late to live your dreams.