Your senior living HQ.

Information about senior living is scattered all over the internet, making it hard to find a comprehensive resource. So if you’ve been looking for information on positive aging, health and wellness, the benefits of living in and around Toms River and Lakewood, or other topics of interest to seniors, we’re your handy-dandy, one-stop headquarters.

Summer Safety Tips for a Healthy and Happy Season

Summer is finally here – one of the best times of the year to take advantage of the beaches, activities and beautiful weather in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. This year, thanks to nationwide vaccination efforts and the reopening of businesses, summer will be particularly enjoyable. Most of us are already making plans to get out of …

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New F.D.A. Approved COVID-19 Vaccine Released at Harrogate

Harrogate is pleased to be able to offer the COVID-19 vaccination to residents and employees through our partner pharmacy. Residents and employees will be in the initial distribution group in the CDC phased allocations and among the first in the country to have access to the vaccine once it is available. Specific vaccination distribution and …

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Making the Move: 3 Signs You or a Loved One Is Ready for Senior Living

Does the idea of moving to senior living make you or your loved ones wince? If so, it’s time to flip the script, says Charles Benjamin, Executive Director of Harrogate, New Jersey’s premier active senior living community, located just minutes from Toms River and the Monmouth/Ocean County beaches. “Senior living is the place to be …

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Importance of the Continuum of Care for Seniors

No amount of time spent reading tea leaves, tarot cards or your palm can tell you what will actually happen tomorrow. But although this moment right here is the only one we can experience, it’s good to have a general idea or direction you want to go tomorrow, with the flexibility to adjust. What if …

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Find Your Purpose by Exploring Spirituality as You Grow Older

Have you ever thought about aging as a spiritual journey? For many people, aging creates different stages of self-identity and spiritual growth when seeking to find meaning at each milestone. Retirement and later years in life offer the opportunity to redefine your purpose in life, and spirituality can contribute in creating a positive outlook, as …

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Sue Gallagher’s 16 Fun and Affordable Things to Do Around Ocean County

If you’re Harrogate Community Life Services Director Sue Gallagher, you often get asked about interesting things to do, including when there’s a blog to be written about affordable senior-friendly activities in Lakewood, Toms River, and the surrounding Ocean County. Fortunately, Sue always has a long list of ideas. Here are her 16 suggestions: Lakewood Strand …

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