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Information about senior living is scattered all over the internet, making it hard to find a comprehensive resource. So if you’ve been looking for information on positive aging, health and wellness, the benefits of living in and around Toms River and Lakewood, or other topics of interest to seniors, we’re your handy-dandy, one-stop headquarters.

Importance of Eye Care for Seniors

In our brains, hundreds of millions of neurons, or 30% of our cortex, is devoted to processing visual information (compared to 8% for touch and just 3% for hearing). Each of our two optic nerves, which carry signals from the retina in the back of the eyes to the brain, consists of a million fibers, …

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The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

Physical therapy can help prevent physical decline A natural part of the aging process is having decreased flexibility, strength and/or balance. Which is why returning to your normal level of activity after an injury, illness or surgery can get more difficult with each passing birthday. But working with a physical therapist after a fall, hip …

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