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Community Clown: Harrogate’s Joe Brando is Always Good for a Few Laughs

Community Clown Harrogates Joe Brando is Always Good for a Few Laughs

At Harrogate, we see residents take up many interesting hobbies in retirement.

Some paint, some learn the art of woodworking, others spend time in the pool. Joe Brando became a clown…for a good cause.

“When I retired, I knew I needed something to do that would keep me busy and passionate about my life,” Joe says. “When I learned about night classes where you could learn to be a clown, I was intrigued. The rest, as they say, is history.”

Joe’s clowning adventures have taken him to local children’s hospitals, where sometimes only the funniest of funnymen can put a smile of the face of a sick kid.

“I’ve had moms and dads tell me they’d done everything to try to cheer up their child but nothing worked until ‘Sunny the Clown’ showed up,” says Joe. “Nothing makes me smile more than knowing I’ve made some small difference in the lives of others.”

Spend a few minutes with Joe and you’ll quickly understand his sincerity. When it comes to his belief in the importance of laughter, he’s not clowning around.