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Every Day Is Veterans Day at Harrogate, Thanks to Heroes Like Herb Webber

Every Day Is Veterans Day at Harrogate Thanks to Heroes Like Herb Webber

At Harrogate, our veterans are honored each and every day with respect from their fellow residents and our grateful team members. While we could dedicate a blog post to just about any of them, we’re focusing this one on Herb Webber.

Like so many of the heroes who served our nation during World War II, Herb is humble about his time overseas. His honors speak for themselves, however, as he earned 4 Battle Stars, the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

Herb was just 19 when he joined the Army in 1943. As part of the 45th Division, he was part of the invasions of Southern France and Germany, helping to save the world from fascism and tyranny.

Join us this Veterans Day and every day as we honor Herb Webber. His Harrogatunity is keeping America safe and free!