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From ‘Protect and Serve’ to ‘Sweat and Move’

From Protect and Serve to Sweat and Move

His days as a police officer in Monmouth County are over, but that doesn’t mean Domenick Bizzarro isn’t still ready for action. The now retired former cop is walking a new beat, so to speak, teaching fitness classes to Harrogate residents.

“Domenick provides an extra bit of inspiration for our residents,” said Harrogate executive director Charles Benjamin. “When they see someone who, like them, is retired but still finding ways to remain fit and active, it inspires them to do the same.”

Twice each week, Domenick pays Harrogate residents a visit and says he’s seen proof that he’s making a difference firsthand. He says he’s even seen seniors go from using a walker to nothing at all, demonstrating the benefits of a commitment to staying fit later in life.

“Giving back, whether through public service or teaching, has always been in my blood,” Domenick said. “I’m proud of every resident I’ve had the opportunity to work with.”

For Harrogate residents looking to sweat and move, Domenick has provided yet another Harrogatunity.