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Highlighting Harrogate

Highlighting Harrogate

Harrogatunity is something special. You can see that by viewing our website, touring our community, or even by visiting with our staff and residents. But the truly special places are about more than just pictures or even a nice tour. The special places, and we believe Harrogate is one of them, are the ones that make you feel a certain way or smile just a little more than usual. They’re the places where you can see yourself on good days and bad. Special feels like home.

That was the message from guest speaker Christopher Ridenhour during our March 26 Harrogatunity Expo. Before Harrogate’s guests met with our resident ambassadors, visited our Harrogatunity display booths and awaited our prize drawings, they had a chance to listen to Ridenhour’s perspective on what it means to choose a retirement community.

Combining humor with heart, Ridenhour didn’t disappoint as he encouraged guests to look at more than just the community itself. He asked them, instead, to talk with the people of Harrogate, to gain a sense for the day-to-day enthusiasm that exists at the community. Ridenhour’s message was well received, as guests got to know each other, resident ambassadors and Harrogate staff members. When all was said and done, those who visited our community and listened to Ridenhour speak were given much more than just a sneak peek into what our community has to offer.

Harrogatunity is about that feeling you get when you take that first art class and paint something really special. It’s about knowing you’re cared about by a staff member who genuinely loves being around you. And it’s about the excitement of endless possibilities in a place that strives every day to make your retirement years the very best years of your life.

That’s Harrogatunity. And that’s what Chris Ridenhour captured through his words on March 26. We hope all our guests felt as lucky as we did to be a part of it.

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