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Call Him “iHenry”, Harrogate’s Apple Computer Guru

Call Him iHenry Harrogates Apple Computer Guru

Henry Parcell knows a thing or two about modern technology. He knows, for instance, that an iPad or iPhone can provide the opportunity to see photos and videos of family, which is especially nice for those with grandchildren or great-grandchildren who live far away. Since Henry understands how valuable technology can be, he decided he ought to lend a hand to some of his Harrogate neighbors who wanted to see photos and videos, or use email, or even just use a computer to write a journal or a short story. That decision led to the Apple workshops Henry now offers at Harrogate.

“I wanted to use my knowledge of Apple devices to help out some of the other residents,” says Henry. “I’m not an expert, by any means. But I do know enough to show them how to do some of the things they’d like to know how to do, like how to chat with family or share videos and pictures.”

Henry uses the word “workshop” to describe what he’s offering, because he feels like the groups he helps teach are all learning together.

“It’s not a situation where I just lecture and everyone takes notes,” he says. “We all work together to try to learn something new and useful. If someone has a question that I can’t answer, we try to solve the problem as a group.”

Henry says new technology doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and that he’s pleased to be able to make a difference for others at Harrogate.

The difference he’s making is being noticed, too. Henry and some of his fellow residents were recently featured on New York’s CBS 2 evening news program. The reporter, Meg Baker, wanted to get a first-hand look at what the workshops were all about. She must have been impressed! She sent four tweets about “iHenry” and the feature on the broadcast was awesome!

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