Senior Dining & Nutrition

Made from scratch and made to order – just for you.

After just a few meals with us, you might feel like you have a personal culinary team. And that’s our goal exactly.

That’s what it’s like to eat at Harrogate. Our dining staff strives to give you the kind of dining experience you’d find at a fine restaurant. Our menus are remarkably varied, offering meat, fish and vegetarian choices. Tableside servers know your personal tastes, likes – even your dietary preferences.

Our main dining room offers full-service dining for every meal, every day. Menus change daily and feature favorite mainstays like salads, homemade muffins and from-scratch soups, as well as different entrées and lighter fare sandwiches.

For more casual or on-the-go meals, grab a made-to-order omelet, latté or sandwich in our Kettle Creek Café. Or enjoy seasonal weekend al fresco dining in our courtyard.

One more nibble.

For just a small taste of our dining experience, view our sample menus.
Al Fresco menu
Kettle Creek Cafe menu
Schnetzer Dining Room menu

Enhancing the Quality of Life

At Harrogate, Leslie Schwartz, our onsite Registered Dietitian works with all of our residents in focusing on achieving their positive nutritional goals. She is proactively available for individual as well as group consultation to meet and coach on healthy food choices. In addition, Leslie works with our Dining Services team to promote optimal nutrition for all health ranges from Independent Living to Skilled Nursing.

Leslie has several tips that she recommends that are simple tips to healthy eating:

  • Make sure you don’t skip meals. Even if you have small meals throughout the day, frequent eating will maintain energy levels and ensure you’re getting the nutrition and sustenance you need.
  • Moderation is the key. Food can be both enjoyable and healthy. All food can fit into a healthy diet, but it’s important to balance higher calorie, less nutrient dense foods with others that are more nutrient-rich.
  • Stay hydrated. Water and other fluids keep the body running efficiently. Drink beverages with each meal and a couple glasses of water in between meals.
  • Eat the colors of the rainbow. Eating varied foods can ensure your diet has variety and is nutrient-rich.
  • Try something new. You may like it and it could have nutrients you aren’t getting from other foods.