COVID-19 Response

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It is Harrogate’s policy to inform residents, their representatives, families of the residents, and staff by 5:00pm the next calendar day following the subsequent occurrence of either: each time a single confirmed infection of Covid-19 is identified, or whenever three or more residents or staff with new-onset of respiratory symptoms occur within 72 hours of each other. Harrogate has created a group email to give weekly updates on the happenings within the community. If you would like to sign up for the email notifications please email our Director of Nursing, Lisa Brosnan, at If you have any urgent questions or would like to know more about what Harrogate’s operating status please email our Administrator, Connor Marshall, at Click here to read a letter from our executive director – September 30, 2020 Click here to read a letter from our executive director – September 11, 2020 Click here to read a letter from our executive director – September 4, 2020 Click here to read a letter from our executive director – August 24, 2020 Click here to see Harrogate’s Outbreak Response Plan
Visitation Information
Harrogate Health Center Visitation Guidelines Harrogate purchased iPads so that you can still connect with your loved one. We have the capabilities to do Facetime and Google Duo. Please email our Activities Director, Gianna Garrow, at to schedule a virtual visit. Visitation Times Available: Indoor visits will take place in the Clark Auditorium. Visitors will be required to enter the side door outside the Auditorium to be screened. Each appointment time will be limited to a 60-minute session, with a maximum of 2 visitors at a time. There will be 4 appointments per time slot. These time slots must be reserved by the email that is registered by this notice. Click here to register or email our Social Services Director, Kelly O’Toole, at We encourage you to arrive 5 minutes prior to your visit, as there is a screening process and consents that need to be signed prior to your visitation. Other Considerations:
  • If you are suspected or confirmed to be infected currently with COVID -19 or you are in quarantine for a recent exposure to COVID-19 then you are NOT eligible for an outdoor visit.
  • If you have had or been exposed to COVID 19 but you have already been in quarantine for 10 days, have improved respiratory symptoms, and have been without fever for 72 hours then you will be eligible for outdoor visits as defined in guidance from NJ DOH and CDC.
  • A staff member will be monitoring these visits to maintain safety for our residents and visitors.
  • A 6-foot social distance must be maintained at all times.
  • Both residents and visitors must wear a mask at all times. Visitors must provide their own masks.
  • Food is not permitted during the visits. Visitors may bring items for the resident; however, these packages must be left with the “check-in” area.
  • Visitors must bring their own water and it may not be shared with the resident. The facility will not provide such.
  • Bathrooms are not available for visitors.
  • The auditorium will be cleaned with an FDA approved cleaning solution after each visit.
IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: STATE TRAVEL ADVISORY & VISITATION POLICIES In order to keep our residents and team safe and healthy from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are abiding by our governor’s request that anyone who visits the following states should quarantine for 14 days while showing no symptoms before visiting their friends and loved ones at Harrogate. This not only allows us to help save lives and prevent the spread of COVID-19 but also helps to provide peace of mind to the families of our residents. As the list is continuously updating, please reference the link below. State Travel Advisory List PLEASE NOTE: Failure to comply with all the guidelines will result in ending the visitation and will not be allowed to schedule any additional visitations without prior approval of the Executive Director. These guidelines are strict, as mandated by the NJ Department of Health, and need to be followed by all visitors. Thank you for your cooperation with this effort. We here at Harrogate hope to make this an enjoyable and safe reunion for all our residents and families.

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