June 19, 2020

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September 3, 2021 Update: COVID-19 Response
At Harrogate, the health and well-being of residents and team members is our highest priority at all times. We continue to take proper prevention and preparedness steps related to COVID-19. What is Harrogate doing to prepare for any incidence of COVID-19?  We know that this disease most dramatically impacts older adults – the people we serve.  We will continue to follow infection control guidance from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) as well as our local and state health agencies. Earlier this year, we successfully completed a safe and efficient distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to residents and employees in partnership with local and state health agencies. As new information develops, we will continue coordinating with our pharmacy partners and local and state health authorities to provide additional information or updates directly to residents and employees. Harrogate will work with residents and employees who qualify and want to receive a COVID-19 booster shot as recommended by the CDC. Recently, Harrogate announced a requirement for all employees to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by November 1, 2021, in accordance with the policy of management company Life Care Services, An LCS Company. Protecting the health and safety of our residents and employees remains our top priority, and we are requiring employee COVID-19 vaccinations to ensure we stay true to that focus. As new highly transmissible COVID-19 variants persist, we believe the COVID-19 vaccination is essential to protecting our residents and employees. We continue to be steadfast in taking every precaution to protect the community from the spread of COVID-19. Employees continue to wear masks and undergo screenings at the start of each shift. LCS’s newest signature experience, EverSafe 360°, also demonstrates our passionate commitment to providing an industry-leading experience focused on enhancing the well-being, security, and safety of residents and employees. COVID-19 Actions:
  • With EverSafe 360° – the new standard of senior safety – we are raising the bar to reimagine and innovate the way we live and work together, taking proactive measures to elevate the standard of safety for seniors.
  • We have established a Medical Advisory Board, which consists of a team of interdisciplinary experts, including physicians and scientists who specialize in epidemiology, mental health, infectious disease and indoor air quality.
  • We are connecting with our local and state health agencies on a regular basis.
  • Those who do enter, including all team members, are screened to inquire whether they have any symptoms or potential known exposures. They are not allowed to enter if they answer yes to any of these questions.
  • We continue our focus on infection control and prevention, following the guidelines from the CDC.
  • We continue to actively monitor and report respiratory illnesses across our organization.
  • We are regularly sharing updated information on COVID-19 with our residents and others in the communities that we serve.
  • We have an emergency operations plan in place should we need to implement it.
Through it all, we have focused on providing the experiences Life Care Services® communities are known for. We remain dedicated to serving our seniors, first and foremost, and we’ve adapted to the challenges in today’s world to ensure that never changes. We recognize the big moments. Big moments deserve to be recognized, no matter what’s going on outside our doors. That’s why we’re taking time to celebrate the big moments in residents’ lives, like birthdays and anniversaries. If family and friends are unable to travel to celebrate with us, we have the technology to support virtual celebrations where needed. We love to enjoy life at Harrogate, and we can always find something to celebrate. We honor daily routines. We know residents have missed the little moments in the day that brought people together and are enjoying the opportunity to safely come back together again. We appreciate each other’s company. Now, more than ever, we know what it’s like to have to spend time away from loved ones, and we appreciate the opportunity to bring families and friends together. The smiles, the laughter ringing through our community – it can’t be beat. It’s hard to be apart from friends and family, and as we once again have the opportunity to gather, we are thankful. But technology has given us dozens of ways to turn life’s moments into wonderful virtual experiences. We recognize the activities residents typically look forward to and have the power to mold these opportunities into virtual or socially-distanced events, providing the opportunity for meaningful connections daily, if ever necessary. We encourage physical and mental wellness. Staying active – both physically and mentally – is essential to emotional well-being. We’ve adapted our offerings to include both in-person and online exercise classes, we’ve set up reading or pen-pal programs with local school children, and we are dedicated to helping our residents stay active and connected, no matter what’s going on outside our doors. Rest assured, at Harrogate, Experience is Everything. We remain inspired by the many ways our community team ensures residents feel connected and cared for as we all learn to adjust to this “new normal.”
October 23, 2020 Update
In an abundance of caution, Harrogate is suspending indoor visitation until November 9, 2020. This is due to the State, County, and local infection rates. Please stay safe!
September 18, 2020

Entering Phase 2 Of Reopening Harrogate

We are pleased and excited to announce we are entering phase 2 of re-opening our community. As you will recall, during phase 1 we were able to re-open the following:
  • Our Salon Services
  • Resume group activity programs
  • Allow outdoor visitation
  • Resume housekeeping service
  • Conduct limited marketing tours
  • Open our library
  • Expand community transportation services
The initiation of phase 2 will permit the following service to resume. Independent Living Indoor Visitation
  • Scheduled outdoor visitations are still allowed.
  • Scheduled indoor visitation in resident apartments will begin effective Monday, September 21, 2020.
  • Visitation is limited to 2 people per apartment.
  • Initially, this will be limited to 5 apartments per day.
  • Upon arrival, all visitors must complete Harrogate’s screening process.
  • Visitors will then be asked to drive around to exit door closest to resident’s apartment
  • You and your guests must visit in your apartment only.
  • The common areas are only open to Harrogate residents.
  • Masks are always required to be worn by both residents and visitors, including inside the apartments.
  • Visitors are expected to abide by New Jersey’s Travel Advisory List.
  • Click here to make indoor visitation reservations or call Community Life Services.
Click here to make outdoor visitation reservations. We do understand that the first phase of the indoor visitation process may seem restrictive. Please bear with us as we continue to safely reopen our community. We are still in the middle of this horrible pandemic with no end in sight, which requires us to slowly open to visitors under the safest monitoring processes. Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to find the right balance between safety and resuming our services.
July 23, 2020

State Travel Advisory & Visitation Policies

In order to keep our residents and team safe and healthy from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are abiding by our governor’s request that anyone who visits the following states should quarantine for 14 days while showing no symptoms before visiting their friends and loved ones at Harrogate. This not only allows us to help save lives and prevent the spread of COVID-19, but also helps to provide peace of mind to the families of our residents. As the list is continuously updating, please reference the link below. State Travel Advisory List We remain excited to have friends and families visit, and we thank you for your cooperation in keeping all within our community – and yours – safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you any way we can. Charles Benjamin, Executive Director
June 26, 2020

Harrogate Independent Living Visitation Guidelines

Harrogate is pleased to announce our community is permitted to open to outside visitors. The community will start scheduled visits on Tuesday, June 30.

Visitation Times Are Available as follows:

Independent Living
  • Visitation can be scheduled 7 days per week at 10 am, 11 am, 3 pm, 4 pm and 7 pm daily

Each appointment time will be limited to a 30-minute session, with a maximum of 2 visitors per resident at a time. We recommend only signing up for one visitation slot over the next 2 weeks as we continue to monitor and evaluate this process on an ongoing basis. We want to give everyone the opportunity for a visit, along with evaluating the needs moving forward. You will need to go on to one of the following websites to register:

We have been mandated by the state to conduct these visits outside ONLY. If in the event it is inclement weather that day, unfortunately, your appointment will need to be cancelled and rescheduled. We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your visit, as there is a screening process.

Other Considerations:

  • If you are suspected or confirmed to be infected currently with Covid -19 or you are in quarantine for a recent exposure to Covid-19 then you are NOT eligible for an outdoor visit.
  • If you have had or been exposed to Covid 19 but you have already been in quarantine for 10 days, have improved respiratory symptoms and have been without fever for 72 hours then you will be eligible for outdoor visits as defined in guidance from NJ DOH and CDC.
  • A 6 foot social distance must be maintained at all times.
  • Both residents and visitors must wear a mask at all times. Visitors must provide their own masks.
  • Food is not permitted during the visits. Visitors may bring items for the resident, however these packages must be left with the “check in” area.
  • Visitors must bring their own water and it may not be shared with the resident. The facility can not provide such.
  • Bathrooms are not available for visitors.


These standards and protocols for visitors have been mandated by Governor Murphy’s Executive Directive NO. 20-017.

Thank you for your cooperation with this effort. We here at Harrogate hope to make this an enjoyable and safe reunion for all our residents and families.

5/13/20 Update

Opening Up Our Community

Federal and state governments are releasing plans to reopen the economy to essential business. While this is an encouraging sign to our country’s response to COVID-19, please know this process will be taken thoughtfully at Harrogate. We will implement a three-phased approach when reopening our community. Decisions for each phase will be based on state and regional criteria, advice from public health officials, and the health status of our community. We are all looking forward to the day when we can resume our lives as a community and gather with our friends, yet the health and safety of our residents and employees must remain our highest priority. From the beginning, we have taken on this challenge as a marathon rather than a sprint. There are no short cuts or easy answers to how we reduce our risk to COVID-19 and it’s as important as ever that we continue to remain focused on protecting ourselves and supporting each other. In the upcoming weeks, and until further notice, Harrogate will continue to follow the heightened precautionary measures currently in place. These practices include following social distancing protocol and restricting non-essential visitors. We understand the risks posed to our community from COVID-19 and remain committed to our processes. We’ll only begin to shift our protocols after we know our community is no longer at risk, and with careful consideration of the guidance offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and local and state health departments. As the situation develops, and we make changes to our protocols, residents, employees and families will be notified first —but to reiterate, we will not be modifying our precautionary measures at this time. Please remember to practice safe social distancing and wear a cloth face covering at all times when in public. Thank you for your patience, your support, and for embodying that hopeful spirit that Harrogate is known for as we continue to navigate this process together. For more information about COVID-19 and our response to COVID-19, go to https://www.lcsnet.com/covid-19-update/.
5/01/20 Update
Dear Resident, Mother’s Day is a very special time for many of our residents. While we understand the urge to spend time together and enjoy the spring weather, we urge you to postpone your in-person celebrations this year. APART TODAY. TOGETHER TOMORROW. As COVID-19 continues to devastate Lakewood and surrounding areas, we implore you to be mindful that it’s far from over. New Jersey marked a record-high casualty rate this week, and the only way to protect you, other residents, families and staff is to continue to be vigilant in our social distancing and other measures. It is imperative that you practice these safety protocols:
  • Stay in your apartment as much as possible.
  • If you must go out, wear your face mask.
  • Stay 6 feet away from people.
  • Always wash your hands.
We appreciate this is a frustrating time. We’re all getting tired of putting our lives on hold, missing our families and friends, and being stuck at home as the weather gets nicer. Just remember it will not be forever, and that physical distancing is our best defense. We really are in this together. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require assistance of any kind or have any questions and/or concerns. Sincerely, Charles Benjamin Executive Director 732-905-7070 www.HarrogateLifeCare.org 400 Locust Street Lakewood, NJ 08701
4/08/20 Update
Dear Resident & Family Member, No Passover and Easter season in recent memory will be like this one. While our celebrations will be different this year, we hope you can still find comfort and joy in the meaning of these special holidays. Especially during this time, we understand the desire to spend time with loved ones, but we must reinforce why that is not possible this year … WE MUST STAY APART TODAY, SO WE CAN BE TOGETHER TOMORROW. To protect our residents, families and our staff, I must remind you of our policy that during the current state-mandated stay-at-home order, residents must not leave their apartments for any reason other than emergencies. Likewise, family members and visitors are not permitted into our community until further notice. If family members are delivering supplies, they must drop them off at the concierge and our staff will deliver them accordingly. We cannot emphasize enough the gravity of the situation and the need for all of you to respect our isolation protocols. We know it’s hard. We know these measures may seem extreme, but physical distancing is our best defense against spreading the COVID-19 virus. It is what we must do for everyone’s safety – our residents, their families and our staff. Once someone breaks protocol, we are no longer protected, putting everyone in our community, and those they encounter, at risk. You can be assured that we are closely monitoring CDC recommendations and reevaluating our current isolation protocols daily. We will ease them when it is safe. Life at Harrogate will return to normal, but until then we need to do everything we possibly can to ensure that the potential threat has been significantly reduced. Resident safety is our top priority. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and/or concerns. Sincerely, Charles Benjamin Executive Director 732-905-7070 www.HarrogateLifeCare.org 400 Locust Street Lakewood, NJ 08701
4/08/20 Update
Family Helping Family. While you may not live with us (yet), we already think of you as family. As we navigate our way through social distancing, self-quarantine, stay-at-home orders and the like, we want you to know that, like family, we are here to support you. If you have any questions, are feeling lonely, afraid, down, or would just like a friendly ear, please reach out. Give us a call. If we can’t answer your question or help you, we will direct you to someone who can. We are in this together. Our Community. The Definition of Peace of Mind – Especially Now. At Harrogate, we are strictly following CDC-recommended guidelines to prevent virus spread. Life isn’t normal here, but our residents don’t have to worry about going out to get food and supplies. We safely deliver everything they may need right to their doors. They don’t have to worry about not having Internet, or what happens if they need a home repair. We’ve got it covered. They don’t have to worry about who to call or what to do should their health needs change. We have health care right here on our campus. Even in these unprecedented times, we take care of everything so our residents can live safely, free from worry. We are more committed than ever to try to ease your worries, too. So again, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are feeling anxious or have questions. We’re Here for You. Give us a call at 732-994-6569 – we’d love to hear from you or offer any assistance we can.
3/18/20 Update
After careful consideration for the health and safety of our residents, staff and family members, we have made the difficult, and necessary, decision to amend our community visitation policy to restrict visitors from entering our community as of Monday, March 16. Please reference the Life Care Services website for future updates and information regarding our community COVID-19 response and preparedness measures already implemented, such as:
  • Educating all staff and residents in social distancing guidelines
  • Increasing the frequency and rigor of cleaning and disinfecting common community areas
  • Implementing temporary visitation restrictions, including deliveries
  • Cancellation of on-site large group social events and recreational activities
  • Reviewing and executing our emergency preparedness and response program
  • Asking residents and employees to reschedule any travel plans and deploying an updated visitor advisory for communities and to remain in our community or within our campus
  • Coordinating best practices across the large Life Care Services partner network
  • Making the CDC’s COVID-19 prevention resources and recommendations available to all employees
Our management company, Life Care Services, prides itself on being customer centered and proactive, which contributed to Life Care Services being ranked highest in customer satisfaction in the J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Senior Living Study. All future updates regarding the COVID-19 response including visitor policies, social distancing guidelines and prevention recommendations can be found here. Life Care Services has also opened a National Hotline for information: 1-855-998-4934. For local information about our community please use: 732-905-7070.
3/15/2020 Update
Hello Harrogate community, The health and safety of residents living in our community is our top priority, and we are closely monitoring the ongoing situation regarding the coronavirus (COVD-19). We understand that COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind, and we want to be communicative and transparent in the steps Harrogate is taking to prepare our community during this unprecedented event. Our team has been working tirelessly to prepare for possible scenarios related to COVID-19. We’ve developed a series of precautionary steps that our community is implementing to help reduce everyone’s risk of COVID-19. Additionally, you can access updates at the following website. Our community is:
  • Continuing to follow the guidance from both the CDC and local health authorities
  • Increasing the frequency and rigor of cleaning and sanitizing common community areas
  • Encouraging a temporary reduction in visitation and deliveries
  • Reducing on-site group social events and recreational activities
  • Reviewing our emergency preparedness and response program
  • Asking residents to communicate any travel plans
  • Coordinating best practices and across our large partner network
  • Making the CDC’s COVID-19 prevention resources and recommendations available to all residents
According to the CDC, many of our residents are at a higher risk for serious illness, and we’re providing all residents and their families with the most up-to-date guidance from the CDC and local health officials on the steps they can take to reduce the risk of COVID-19. We are strongly encouraging all our residents to follow the CDC’s guidelines for individuals at higher risk, which includes:
  • Avoiding crowds and large social gatherings
  • Regularly cleaning and disinfecting personal spaces
  • Avoiding touching your face
  • Regularly washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Stay in your residence if you are showing flu-like symptoms or are sick with respiratory illness, including fever, and coughing
These are simple yet important steps that we should all be taking to protect ourselves and our community. Our teams are staying in communication with local health officials and will share regular updates on COVID-19. For more the most up-to-date information and personal health recommendations, please visit the websites below: Updates from LCS: https://www.lcsnet.com/covid-19-update/ COVID-19 Prevention Recommendations: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/prevention.html COVID-19 Symptoms: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/symptoms.html What To Do If You Think You Are Sick: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/downloads/sick-with-2019-nCoV-fact-sheet.pdf
3/12/2020 Update
The health, safety and well-being of our residents, employees and families is always a priority at our community. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the news and in the minds of many, we want to address actions, which are taking place related to this concern. Some of the actions we are addressing include:
  • Consistent updates and communication to those who live and work at the community.
  • Evidence-based precautions that align with guidelines provided by the CDC.
  • Reviewing emergency preparedness and response measures in the event that a virus impacts our community or the surrounding area.
  • Changes to our travel and visitation guidelines for all employees, partners and guests.
We are closely monitoring local, state and federal health agencies to ensure we can respond quickly and effectively to protect our community and mitigate risks of an outbreak. We will continue to remain vigilant in our efforts to preserve the health and safety of our community. If you have questions, concerns or need more information, please contact 732-905-7070. Helpful Resources: Centers for Disease Control World Health Organization NJ Department of Health

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