Choosing the Right Retirement Community

Talking with your parents about a retirement community: a how-to guide.

Choosing a retirement community. Discussing future care. Downsizing and selling a house in which the kids grew up. They’re not easy topics to talk about. So we’re answering common questions from the perspectives and words of real-life Harrogate residents and their families who have been where you are now.

As a longtime trusted senior living resource for thousands of older adults and their families, we’re here to help you in whatever way we can – even if the community you choose isn’t Harrogate.

Questions – and answers – about retirement communities

“I always say, we should have done this five years ago. Come when you’re healthy and can enjoy it.” – Frank M., resident

Residents who’ve made the move often look back and say they wish they’d moved sooner. They suggest people move in while they’re healthy and can enjoy community life, before a health problem forces them to make a decision in a crisis.

And they suggest moving while you and your loved ones have time to plan a comfortable transition, so there’s no rush with downsizing, selling the home or making the move.

“When people tell me they’re not ready, I think, ‘What are they waiting for?’ It’s just so wonderful here.” – Florence B., resident

Actually, that’s something we hear from people frequently – until those people move in! (See the above question for more on that). Ask your loved one to consider the following:

  • Are they ready to give up household chores, property taxes, home repairs and other time- and money-drainers?
  • Are they ready to enjoy more free time for traveling, building new friendships, experiencing a variety of chef-prepared meals, and exploring new opportunities?
  • Are they ready to solidify a concrete plan for their health care, so that a family member doesn’t have to shoulder the full burden of caregiving?
  • Are they ready to protect their assets from an unplanned health crisis?

“We did an extensive investigation and found Life Care at Harrogate was the best financial deal by far.” – Ched C., resident and former financial planner

At a Life Care Community like Harrogate, residents pay a one-time entrance fee and a monthly fee. The entrance fee entitles residents to a residence at Harrogate and the availability of care. The monthly fee is one predictable monthly bill that covers the costs of a multitude of amenities, conveniences and services we offer.

If higher levels of living are needed – including in-home health, rehabilitation, skilled nursing or memory support services – residents receive that 5-star Quality Measures nursing care here on campus at our Health Care Center, at predictable costs.


“I swear it’s like my parents are getting younger by living at Harrogate.” – Susan F., daughter of a resident

Research has shown that for older adults, isolation, inactivity and poor eating habits are the main culprits behind speeding up the aging process.
But in a community setting like Harrogate, residents have full access to our fitness center and certified personal trainer, delicious and nutritious chef-made meals and a neighborhood of friends, all just outside their apartment door. It’s all part of our goal to help residents live happier and healthier, for longer.

“The move went like clockwork, from start to finish. The Harrogate staff and the movers took care of everything — even hanging our pictures!” – Roberta M., resident

Because of our partnership with Moving Station, we’ll buy your home in ‘as is’ condition. You won’t have to worry about home repairs or staging your home for sale. We’ll also give you an additional incentive package to help you pay for downsizing, packing and moving services. You won’t have to lift a finger, and you’ll have an expert to guide you at every step of the process.