Senior Life Care Community near Toms River, NJ

Life isn’t perfect. That’s why we have Life Care.

There are days when life at Harrogate can be as sweet as a bed of roses. But sometimes, along comes a thorn. For life’s barbs both big and small, you’re protected, because you live at Harrogate.

As Ocean County, New Jersey’s premier independent living community, ours is the only one in Lakewood, New Jersey, to offer Life Care, which is, quite simply, the best plan you can have.

Harrogate can be your home for life. When you first move into independent living, you pay a one-time entrance fee, a portion of which is refundable to your estate.

If you ever need it, you’ll have our in-home health services delivered to you right in your home. You also have priority access — for life — to our skilled nursing care, rehabilitation services and memory support services, both available right here at our Health Center.

Life Care makes financial planning easier too because your monthly rates will be both predictable and priced considerably lower than market rate.

So while you can’t predict the future, with Life Care you’ll be prepared for it. And that’s about as perfect a plan as you can get.

Frequently asked questions about Life Care.

Life Care at Harrogate gives you a home for life, as well as care for life. In addition to your independent living residence and access to every community service and amenity, you have priority access to skilled nursing, home health, rehabilitation and memory support services, as long as you need it — for life.

You stay in your independent living residence and your spouse moves into skilled nursing. You don’t pay for two residences, nor do you need to move with your spouse. You simply pay for two extra meals per day. That’s why the true value of Life Care is peace of mind. Your costs are predictable, can be planned and don’t increase significantly even if you or your spouse’s health needs change.

Life Care gives you predictable monthly fees throughout all levels of care, and allows you to control your future health care costs. Plus, our flexible entrance fee options offer you outstanding estate protection.

Learn how life can be rosier with Life Care. Have a question about Lakewood’s premier Life Care community? Fill out the form on this page and let’s start the conversation.