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100 Years Young: Harrogate’s Jeanette Mazur May Have Solved Longevity Puzzle

100 Years Young Harrogates Jeanette Mazur May Have Solved Longevity Puzzle

When we’re very young, puzzles play an important role in our development. They engage the brain, teach problem solving skills, and constantly keep the mind working. If you ask Jeanette Mazur, Harrogate’s resident Centenarian, puzzles play a significant role in keeping our minds working as we age, too.

Mazur, who recently turned 100, is known around Harrogate as “master of puzzles,” and can always be seen working with jigsaw pieces, carefully making each one fit. She credits those puzzles, along with the social aspect of living at a retirement community, with her longevity and good health.

“Studies continue to show us that brain exercises combined with physical exercise and socialization play a significant role in how healthy we are as we age,” said Harrogate executive director Charles Benjamin. “Jeanette is as good an example of that as you’ll find. She inspires each of us.”