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Making the Move: 3 Signs You or a Loved One Is Ready for Senior Living

Making the Move 3 Signs You or a Loved One Is Ready for Senior Living

Does the idea of moving to senior living make you or your loved ones wince? If so, it’s time to flip the script, says Charles Benjamin, Executive Director of Harrogate, New Jersey’s premier active senior living community, located just minutes from Toms River and the Monmouth/Ocean County beaches.

“Senior living is the place to be for today’s older adults,” Charles says. “Thanks to the Baby Boomers, senior living has become very similar to resort-style living. It’s maintenance-free, worry-free and all-inclusive – making it the perfect springboard for active, independent adults who are ready to enjoy their retirement to the fullest.”

A community like Harrogate, a Life Care Community that provides full-service health care for seniors of all ages and stages, makes it easy for today’s seniors to live an engaged lifestyle while also receiving everything they need to age well. “Ask any senior what they want their life to look like, and you’ll probably hear the refrain I want to grow old in my own home,” Charles says. “Well, Harrogate has been designed to help seniors do exactly that. We strive to be a community that older adults are excited to move into, because they know that they’ll receive the assistance they want and the independence they deserve. We’re definitely not your grandma’s nursing home – Harrogate is a destination for a harmonious, fulfilling and experience-rich life.”

Still, some older adults or family members may be hesitant about moving into a community because of long-held beliefs of what a “home” looks like, says Charles. “The most important thing that seniors and their families should know is that senior living is a positive experience these days, instead of a place to be avoided,” he says. “Still, there are certain older individuals who may be hesitant about moving into a community, even if their lives could be greatly improved by the experience. If you’re an older individual wondering if senior living is right for you, or if you’re an adult child considering senior living for your loved one, here are some signs that moving to a community like Harrogate could be beneficial.”

  1. Home maintenance is turning into a real hassle.
    Homeownership is the American Dream, but home chores and home maintenance can quickly become the American Nightmare – especially for older adults. Dealing with the day-to-day drudgery of cleaning, cooking, laundry and other routine tasks can get dull and exhausting. Then, there are all the regularly scheduled tasks that need to happen throughout the year, such as maintaining the lawn, getting the house ready for winter (and shoveling snow), raking leaves, paying real estate taxes, dealing with furnace and air conditioner issues … the list goes on and on. Forget the price tag of all these tasks – the time suck that they cause can be enough to make even a young person throw up their hands in defeat.

That’s why today’s senior living communities are designed to take the hassle of homeownership off seniors’ plates, leaving them all the time in the world to do the things they want to do. For one monthly fee, residents at Harrogate enjoy the comfort of their own private home along with the benefits of a resort-style community. The on-site maintenance staff handles everything from clearing snow to landscaping to even changing light bulbs – you never have to lift a finger again if you don’t want to. And for just one monthly fee, you can say goodbye to real estate taxes, homeowners insurance and home upkeep. Living in a senior living community has all the benefits of home with none of the downsides.

  1. Staying social is more and more of a drag.
    As social creatures, humans crave and thrive on the connections we have with our fellow man. But as we get older, it can get more difficult to find and maintain meaningful connections. Friends and family move away. It becomes harder to get out and stay active. But at a senior living community, staying social is as easy as stepping outside your front door. Think of moving to a community like Harrogate as starting college – only without the homework and career angst.

Whether you’re an active and independent senior or an older adult who needs a little extra assistance, it’s easy to remain social thanks to the regularly scheduled activities and events that take place every day. From learning a new skill to practicing favorite hobbies to scheduled outings and more, there’s always something going on. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with managing the event yourself – all you have to do is show up. At a senior living community, you or your senior loved one can be as social as you’d like with classes, gatherings, social events, hobbies, classes and so much more. The hard part will be figuring out what to say “no” to!

  1. You (or your loved ones) desire peace of mind and security.
    Getting older, as the saying goes, ain’t for sissies. While the mind is willing, the body can be quite weak, and living on your own in a family home can be worrisome. Most houses aren’t set up as a safe and comfortable place for seniors to age. However, a senior living community is intrinsically designed to help older adults remain in a home they love with minimal disruption. For example, at Harrogate, private homes are equipped with safety features like pull bars, emergency alert systems, doorways that are wide enough for things like walkers or wheelchairs and a caring, responsive staff available 24/7. These amenities allow aging seniors to age safely and securely “in place” – allowing them to live their golden years in comfort without having to undertake a big move if and when they require additional assistance.

This Is What “Worry Less, Live More” Looks Like

Located near Toms River, New Jersey, Harrogate offers a worry-free, fulfilling and experience-rich life. Here, you’ll be free of the hassles of homeownership while having access to all of the best that life has to offer, from,

No matter what your needs may be, we can meet them, ensuring you are untroubled for years to come. With our Life Care, you can enjoy independent living, home health, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, memory support and more for one entrance fee and a monthly fee that covers everything our lifestyle has to offer.

Worry Less and Live More at Harrogate!

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