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A “Portal” into the Future of Senior Living at Harrogate

A Portal into the Future of Senior Living at Harrogate

An increasingly digital world requires an increasingly digital way of thinking when it comes to serving the public. Senior living is no different, and that’s why Harrogate has partnered with technology company Caremerge to provide residents with a private internet portal known as ‘Odyssey’, which will offer digital access to life at the community in a new way.

“Both our current residents and the generation of residents that represent the future are going to continue to expect new and different ways to experience Harrogate,” said executive director Don Johansen. “With Odyssey, the information that once existed only on bulletin boards or on paper now exists in a way that’s available and useable by residents and their families like never before.”

Caremerge seeks to forge what it calls “meaningful connections” where residents have access to the information they need, whether it’s something as simple as the menu in the dining room, or activities and events they might attend with friends and family. The interface is both mobile and web interfaced.

“Our industry continues to plan for the Baby Boomers as they retire in greater numbers,” said Johansen. “Technology and being digitally relevant are a big part of that planning.”

Residents and their families can access the information via the Caremerge app on their mobile devices, as well as through a link on the Harrogate website.