Resident Testimonials

People are talking.

For the most accurate perspective of life at Harrogate, listen to residents. Many of them have found their own personal passion or interest that they can fully explore, because they live here. And here, opportunity is everywhere.

We’ve gathered an assortment of resident testimonials – but maybe you’d like to hear from residents in person. If so, contact us to schedule a personal appointment with a resident ambassador.

I’ve traveled all my life, but when I lived in a house by myself, I was always a little nervous about traveling and leaving the house vacant. Living at Harrogate, I lock the doors, I tell them I’m going, and I’m off. I don’t have to worry about anything, and it’s just wonderful.

As a nurse, we were always taught to anticipate. Everything in our life was anticipation, and so I live my life that way. I came to Harrogate because I anticipate the fact that I might need a nursing home. I may never use that nursing home, but I have the security in knowing that it’s available should I ever need it. That peace of mind is worth more than any dollar sign. It’s priceless.

My advice for you is come while you’re in great condition because it’s a great lifestyle. Living at Harrogate is living carefree, and if you are in good health it makes it much better.

At Harrogate, we are given opportunities to be involved in our community. Volunteering gives me satisfaction and deep gratification, far more than any job I can get paid for. Volunteering encompasses community-mindedness, the fellowship that goes with it, the friendship, and the support that we give each other and our surrounding community.

Once I started writing, I quickly realized that I get a lot of satisfaction out of it. Writing makes my mind more active because I have to research, I have to talk to a lot of people. It’s a good way to get to know people. It’s made me feel younger, smarter, and more fulfilled.

We have opportunity to live wonderfully while at Harrogate.

The crafty ladies knit, crochet and craft. We hold two sales a year and all of the proceeds are gifted to Harrogate.

When the crafty ladies get together, we talk and catch up on all the things that are going on. I would be sitting maybe crocheting all by myself, and here at Harrogate, I have a group, and it’s so nice to be social and to be able to give back while having fun.

The watercolor class at Harrogate is the first time I’ve ever done any kind of artwork at all. I came to prove that I could do it.

With each completed piece, I can feel myself improving. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Harrogate appreciates our service that we have given to our country, and it’s great to be living here.

My favorite things about Harrogate: it’s very friendly, my apartment really feels like home, and everybody is super.

I’m so busy around here. There’s so much going on and I take it all in.