Senior Wellness Program

Wellness with the whole person in mind.

Living happier and healthier, for longer. Who wouldn’t want that?

Healthy aging is our goal at Harrogate, and for good reason: The MacArthur Foundation Study claims that 70% of how we age is determined by our lifestyle, versus only 30% determined by genetics.

To help you age happier and healthier, we have Living the 8, something you’ll find only at Harrogate. This proprietary program purposefully brings together eight dimensions of wellness to enrich your days and help you live a happier, well-balanced life.

Every dimension is covered.


Physical – Includes activities to build strength, balance, flexibility and endurance, while offering a diversity of fresh, healthy items on our menus.

Spiritual – Focuses on helping you find meaning in each day.

Social – Minimizes isolation by building healthy relationships.

Health Services – Takes a proactive approach to health and disease prevention that promotes independence and peace of mind.

Intellectual – Expands on your cognitive abilities to keep you sharp and engaged.

Environmental – Means we’re promoting a healthy personal atmosphere.

Emotional – Helps you build optimism and better manage life’s ups and downs.

Vocational – Lets you continue to share your talents, skills and life experience.