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5 Signs You’re Ready for Senior Living

5 Signs Youre Ready for Senior Living

Wouldn’t it be nice to move to a place where you’re waited on hand and foot – like one of those all-inclusive resorts? If you’re an older adult, your chance to experience that may be sooner than you think.

“Being a senior today can open a world of possibilities,” says Charles Benjamin, Executive Director of Harrogate, a premier active senior living community just minutes from Toms River and the Monmouth/Ocean County beaches. “Seniors today are ready to take charge of this new chapter of their life, and moving to a senior living community can give you free time along with services that help you age well.”

Charles says it’s important to know what your short-term goals are, as well as longer-term plans. “Understanding what you want to do now as well as how you want to live in the future will help you take actionable steps to find a community that gives you the independent living you crave.”

If you’re wondering whether moving to senior living is the right step for you to start enjoying your current lifestyle to the fullest, here are five signs that may signify that you’re ready to start living the good life.

You want to stop dealing with home maintenance.
If you outright own your current home, you may wonder what benefit you’ll get from moving to a mortgage-free place to a community where you’ll have to pay a monthly fee. However, as you probably already know, a mortgage-free home doesn’t mean a cost-free one.

Think about all the chores, home maintenance and surprise repairs you have to deal with when you own your home. Even if you don’t have a mortgage payment, you have real estate taxes, insurance, utilities and other annoyances. Your golden years shouldn’t be spent dealing with tedious tasks – so why not move to a place where all those chores (and more) are taken off your plate?

You’re ready to be more social.
It’s sometimes nice to be alone, but most of us want to have opportunities to go out and mingle with friends and family. But as we get older, those opportunities may start to drift away as the people we care about move or pass away. As a senior, you may find that your social circle has shrunk quite a bit since you’re no longer having that social interaction at work.

A senior living community allows you to get that social circle back practically instantly since you find yourself living with a large community of people in the same stage of life who are also looking for exciting opportunities. There are so many chances to meet new friends, nurture old friendships and look for new avenues of entertainment.

You want to age well.
Getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up on staying healthy and active. In fact, those things become more important than ever. It can be hard to stay on top of our health when we’re the sole ones responsible for it, though. That’s why retirement communities can be such a boon to your physical, emotional and overall health.

Nearly 90% of adults 50 and older want to age in place “at home,” and by moving into a retirement community early, you can take steps to start living your healthiest life possible while also making your new place a true “home.” It doesn’t hurt that you’ll work with staff and medical professionals to create a life plan that meets your goals, health needs and personal passions.

You want to explore more of the world.
Boredom is actually a health problem for older adults, so it’s important to find new opportunities to explore, learn, adventure and live life. What does that look like for you? Whatever you want!

Whether you want to travel the country in an RV, learn a new language or pick up a favorite old hobby, a senior living community – and a senior living lifestyle – gives you the time and freedom to do just that.

You want an exciting life now and peace of mind for the future.
What you want out of your life today may be different than down the road. No one knows what the future may hold, but moving into a senior living community with many levels of care means that you’ll be cared for no matter how your health needs change. It’s a lot easier to enjoy your senior years when you know you’re living in a place that’s been designed to meet your every need at every stage of your seniorhood.

If you’re ready to start enjoying your life to the fullest, moving to a senior living community may be the right move for you. It’s never too early to take steps to improve your lifestyle, and you may find that you wish you’d moved even sooner.

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No matter what your needs may be, we can meet them, ensuring you are worry-free for years to come. With our Life Care, you can enjoy independent living, home health care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation for one entrance fee and a monthly fee that covers everything our lifestyle has to offer.

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