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Healthy habits happening at Harrogate.

Healthy habits happening at Harrogate

Harrogate’s Fitness Manager Becky Harris is always moving. She inspires residents to do the same in their daily activities, whether through fitness classes, hobbies or fun.

Becky oversees the fitness center at Harrogate, including all fitness activities, classes and wellness programming. But her primary goal is to help the senior living community’s residents make physical activity part of their daily routine.

“I love working with residents and seeing them achieve their fitness goals,” Becky says. “It amazes me how hard they all try, and that they aren’t afraid to ask for help when they need it. It’s actually really inspiring.”

Becky helps residents get comfortable with new classes, exercises routines and fitness machines. On Harrogate’s Facebook page, she also contributes monthly helpful tips, exercise suggestions and step-by-step instructions to be more active during retirement, known as Fitness Friday posts.

Becky also coordinates Harrogate’s partnership with the National Institute for Fitness and Sport, which has revamped the exercise programs and offerings for independent living residents.

To incorporate the programming, Becky sets up senior fitness evaluations with all interested residents to assess each person’s fitness needs. From the evaluation, individual goals are established for staying active. All results are tracked to monitor each resident’s progress.

“The best part about this programming is that residents are seeing immediate results,” Becky says. “Each individual has ample resources and programs provided for them at Harrogate, specifically tailored to their needs and goals. This program is changing residents’ lives for the better.”