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The Top Retirement Wellness Trends

The Top Retirement Wellness Trends

Approximately 60% of senior living communities will be built around a wellness lifestyle by 2023, says the International Council on Active Aging. Historically, this has not been the case as senior living communities have generally opted for a care-first approach.

But at Harrogate, we’ve long understood how vital a comprehensive wellness program can be to an older adult’s well-being. A full continuum of health services combined with a wide range of lifestyle options is the most sought after by seniors and their loved ones.

Here at Harrogate, New Jersey’s premier active senior living community, we offer an independent lifestyle with all the perks of a comfortable home life.

Keep reading to learn about current health and wellness trends in Life Care Communities like ours.

Our Top Wellness Trends in Senior Living

The services and amenities we provide are unparalleled in helping residents achieve their goals. So, regardless of how you define your wellness goals, we’re here to help you reach them.

You may want to join a walking or exercise group or check out our fitness and healthy eating programs, where you can learn how to give your body what it needs.

Take part in a yoga or stretching session with our trainers. Go for a swim in our pool or soak in the hot tub. Donate your time by volunteering in the community or teaching a student new skills as a mentor.

Another way to nourish your spirit is by attending a religious service or taking part in a lifelong learning program, such as learning a new language or skill.

During your leisure time, you can also attend one of the many clubs or group events at Harrogate.

You can relax in the jacuzzi, indulge in a light meal at Kettle Creek Café, or order a decadent meal in the Schnetzer Dining Room.

With so many activities to choose from, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll live in a relaxing environment with fun activities that will keep you engaged day after day. Not to mention the relief that comes from having your finances consolidated into a single monthly fee.

What We Offer at Harrogate

At Harrogate, our balanced approach to wellness is called Living the 8. The 8 are the areas we believe critical to making the absolute most of your retirement. This means, above all else, staying healthy.


But what’s the best way for one to do that?


As part of staying active and engaged in your day-to-day life, it’s important to nourish all aspects of your health. This is often known as a senior living holistic health approach, one that feeds mind, body and spirit. A quality holistic approach incorporates all aspects of wellness.


So, what are the eight dimensions of wellness? At Harrogate, we focus on emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical, health services, environmental, vocational and social wellness.


  • Emotional: On the journey to improved emotional health for seniors, the importance of activities that target mental health can’t be overstated. Things like refined coping skills and being in close touch with your own feelings are key components of senior emotional wellness.
  • Intellectual: Intellectual wellness is about being creative, developing new skills and keeping your brain both hungry and well-fed.
  • Spiritual: Feed your soul with a local religious service and observances. Let Harrogate help refine your spiritual wellness, open-mindedness and curiosity through other forms of nourishment like guided meditation or communion with nature.
  • Physical: Quality dining options, moderation in drinking and a daily 30-minute exercise routine are the three major points of physical wellness to keep in mind.
  • Health Services: Should you need a more traditional approach to care as part of a holistic health plan, Harrogate’s compassionate team is here for you.
  • Environmental: Take a walk in nature, sit outside for a bird watch or meditate in the outdoors as a peaceful means to improve your spiritual health.
  • Vocational: Take up a new hobby or volunteer to mentor a young person in an intergenerational program. A vocational focus lets you find new kinds of meaningful work.
  • Social: Social connections are a critical component of aging well, and Harrogate’s welcoming community helps you build wonderful new friendships. Togetherness forges a renewed sense of purpose and offers an answer to social isolation.

Live Where You Already Love To Be at Harrogate

Conveniently located between Toms River and Lakewood in Ocean County, Harrogate is New Jersey’s premier Life Care Community. We offer independent living with numerous amenities and services, so come see how Harrogate can be your home for life!