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Helping others find inner peace.

Claire Papp is 77 years old, but says she has the mind of a 35-year-old. She believes in holistic health and a change in attitude toward aging.

Armed with her background as a hospice nurse and long-term care consultant and her skills in organizing groups, Claire set up a bereavement group that meets monthly at Harrogate. The group encourages seniors who aren’t used to sharing their feelings, and has led to many new friendships throughout the senior living community.

Inspired by the success of her support group, she began teaching a class series called The 12 Keys to Spiritual Vitality. The classes encourage a positive attitude toward aging, or “maturing,” as Claire prefers to say. She covers topics like accepting yourself, pushing boundaries and finding opportunities for personal growth – no matter what your age.

“Age is a mindset,” Claire says. “Like everyone, I was also having difficulty accepting the aging process. But getting older is just a stage of life – you have to keep living.”

Claire believes spiritual health contributes greatly to overall health. Her guidance is transforming lives of fellow Harrogate residents. In one of her recent classes, Claire helped a resident in her 80s finally forgive her mother after decades of holding grudges from her childhood.

“My approach to life is very holistic,” says Claire. “I’m equally balanced in mind, body and spirit, and grateful that living at Harrogate has given me the opportunity to share this approach with others.”