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Rejuvenate by Springing into Retirement

Rejuvenate by Springing into Retirement

Here in New Jersey, long winters can turn people’s thoughts toward spring. From the chill of the bitter cold, yearning for warmth is to be expected. Coincidentally, the seasons of life also have the same effect. As seniors near retirement, it’s easy to feel like the summers of their journeys here on earth have passed by. They might even be tempted to ask themselves if they’ve entered a permanent winter. However, people learn time and time again that feelings of winter can always lead to spring.

At Harrogate, those springs bring unexpected smiles to the faces of residents who were initially hesitant about moving out of their homes and into a retirement community. Those are natural feelings. Yet there’s a common theme of residents wishing they’d moved in sooner.

The feeling of winter that often leads people to senior living communities isn’t uncommon. With colder weather, it can be more challenging to get out and about, visiting friends and family. Pursuing hobbies and interests can be a little less appealing in wintertime, when it’s more tempting to stay home and relax with a blanket and TV. Because it’s sometimes a less-active season, people have more time to wonder what, if anything, is next. Home maintenance becomes more difficult, but they still feel independent enough to break out of the proverbial chill. What does one do in this scenario?

For many, communities like Harrogate have helped bring their lives back into the summer sun. They’ve got more energy because the work and stress of home maintenance are long gone. They’re more social than they’ve been in years, as time that used to be spent tidying up is now spent painting portraits or going for walks with loved ones or friends. Many residents ultimately wake up feeling like there’s purpose in their lives and that each day holds unlimited possibility.

At Harrogate, old friends rekindle the spirit of their friendships by taking part in activities ranging from games to fitness classes to lifelong learning and discussion groups. There’s a little bit of everything, but what’s uncommon is boredom. Residents learn that whatever their goals or dreams, it’s never too late to reinvent the future. Retirement years can truly be a spring-like renewal.

To see some examples of how retirement has changed lives at Harrogate for the better, visit and take a look around.